Creating a Home Business Blog For the Website-Challenged

Suppose you have a home business and you are just itching to dive into all that e-commerce action taking place on the internet. Unfortunately, you’re all thumbs when it comes to creating a website or knowing how to use a website. You are among the website-challenged. What should you do? Why, start a home business blog, of course!

A blog is an online journal where you can publish anything from personal thoughts to recipes, and a home business blog is the perfect place to publish home business tips and resources that promote your expertise in your business. Whether you want to highlight online articles and resources that will be helpful to your business partners or you want to describe your business methods in a way that will attract prospects, a home business blog can take the place of a website. Of course, if you are in an MLM or other home business that offers a free generic website, by all means sign up for one. But if you really want to personalize your web presence and promote your business, a home business blog offers much more flexibility.

Here are three simple steps to help you create, promote, and track your blog, even if you are all thumbs when it comes to the internet.

1. Get a Blog

This step is easy. There are many free blog sites where you can create your home business blog just by registering for an account. Some of the most popular sites include WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger, MySpace, and Facebook. Sign up for one or more accounts and decide which you like best since each blog site has different features and some, like MySpace and Facebook, are more community-oriented. Be sure to include your contact information prominently on your blog so that prospects can easily get in touch with you to learn more about your home business opportunity. Also be sure that the blog site you choose offers visitor tracking or works with statistics tools like Google Analytics (all the ones mentioned above do).

2. Promote Your Blog

Once you have settled on one account for your home business blog the next step is to promote your blog. There are hundreds of ways to promote your blog online but if you are just beginning then two of the simplest methods include placing ads on Craigslist and creating a Twitter account. Craigslist is an online classified site where you can post ads about your business opportunity or offer free consultations to help people decide whether a home business is right for them. These ads can bring people to your blog. Just visit Craigslist to find out how to join and post your ad.

Twitter is another way to alert people about your articles. Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you can post short “tweets” of 140 characters or less about what you’re doing right now. Anyone can register to join and the service is free. Every time you post to your blog go to your Twitter account and post a very short description of the article along with a link to your blog. If your content is solid and informative, people will eventually begin to “follow” you, which means they will be alerted every time you put out a “tweet.” This results in more traffic to your blog.

3. Track Your Blog

To see whether your home business blog is bringing you any traffic you need to track the number and type of visitors you get. Google Analytics works with most blog sites (including Blogger) and many blog sites offer their own statistics packages. Check your statistics frequently and notice especially which articles brought you the most traffic. Check your conversion rates as well to see which articles not only brought the most traffic but resulted in actual growth in your home business. If you do talk to your customers and prospects in person, inquire about how they found your business and if they read any particular articles that caught their attention. This will help you decide where to focus your writing efforts.

In three easy steps you can go from website-challenged to home business blog author extraordinaire. Now it is up to you to create quality content that interests and informs people and brings them to your blog.

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